[preview] Etude House Snowy Dessert Collection (Christmas 2015)


Today, 1st december, Etude House launched its new Christmas collection, Snowy Dessert, wich (spoiler) is the cutest thing ever. But let's admit it, we're all weak when it comes to Christmas packages and such -at least, I am!
The prices are the one of the official site, I think we all know that in other e-commerces they will be a little cheaper ;)

Pudding Tint 10.40$
A lip tint that melts on your lips.
It comes in 5 colours: an orange, two pinks and two reds (the n.4 looks soooo gorgeous!).
Also, if you buy it all alone and not in a set, it comes with that super cute cupcake-like package you see in the first pic!

Play 101 Pencil 7.80$
Etude House proposes some of its classic Play 101 pencils in 5 special colours for this Christmas, with a package that reminds those red&white candies *.*
The special thing about the Play 101 pencils is that you can actually use them for what you want: lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows.

Ginger Cookie Blusher & Ginger Cookie Countour Maker 16.80$
*sobs in a corner*
These two babies are what made me so interested in this collection because look. at. them. So cute, I cry.
The only bad thing is that they come in only one shade :(

Hand Cream 6.50$
With a lovely package, we also have a hand cream in two scents: Vanilla Cupcaje and Apricot Tart.

Scented Tablet 12.00$
Two scented tablets to hang around wherever you want. They come in two scents: Red Velvet and Tiramisu.

There are also two sets of products (35.00$):
- Grapefruit set: pudding tint #3, play 101 pencil #3, ginger cookie blusher and a snow pen.
- Strawberry set: pudding tint #1, play 101 pencil #5, ginger cookie countour makes and a snow pen.

Will you get something of this Snowy Dessert collection? I'll probably get one of the tints, they're too cute. And I'll love to have the blush too, but it's really too expensive :S

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